About Crayke History Group

This group is dedicated to collecting and collating information, images and other archives relating to the history of Crayke village, and making these available for all to enjoy.

Photo: Present day Crayke looking South-East from the top of Church Hill.

We welcome interest and participation from all. We are especially keen to hear of old photographs or documents of historical or nostalgic interest to our villagers, their families, and anyone with a past or present interest in Crayke.

Photo: A postcard from around 1950 looking North-West up Church Hill

What is on this web site?

On other pages you can find copies of our archives to view or download, including reports, photographs, articles and other documents. This site was launched on 28 November 2019, and will continue to evolve.

Photo: A small sample of the booklets, articles and photographs in the possession of Crayke History Group. Much more can be found on this site and through links given

Most of all the history of Crayke is about its people, and their memories, family histories and treasured keepsakes.
We’d love to hear from anyone who would be happy to share theirs, as they enjoy our collections.

Photo: The Crayke Cricket team of 1928. This and other photographs can be seen on other pages, especially in the Gallery section of this site

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If you would like to contact Crayke History Group, please email us at: craykehistory@gmail.com

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